The further you go, the further we go!

In today’s global economy, with international trade and rises in emigration, many of our clients need to transport specific items or belongings to different countries around the world.

Whether your belongings have commercial, sentimental or some other intrinsic value, our clients trust us, as their specialists, to pack and prepare items for international passage.

We can advise you on export and import regulations, advise on storage, help complete the necessary paperwork and handle all aspects of the transit for arrival in the destination country.

We can build bespoke packing cases if needed, and always ensure every item is ready for shipping in the most efficient and secure way possible. At the other side, our International partners will ensure that everything is delivered in the same safe and secure condition as when it left the UK.

We have over 10 years experience of shipping treasured possessions around the globe. Please ask us for a no obligation quote, or simply for some advice.