About Evans International

Evans International is headed up by Managing Director, Val Evans, who has merged two existing removals companies, and brought with her years of experience as a senior projects, quality and logistics manager. By combining her exacting standards with everything that was good from the traditional ways of working, Evans International has gained the reputation of being one of the most trusted and caring removals companies around.

That reputation comes from a commitment to a bespoke, professional and personal service. Every job, whether it is a local move of a few miles, or an international shipment to Europe or beyond, is equally important. Rather than pay lip service to someone else’s code of conduct, Val introduced and rigorously enforces ‘The Evans Way’. This is a unique set of operating standards that ensures every job receives the same attention.

To reinforce the can-do attitude that is expected from everyone in the team, Val herself can often be seen loading boxes, reversing a wagon down a narrow driveway, or giving advice to a client about a specialised removal. ‘It’s my way of keeping in touch’, Val says, and as the only fully HGV1 qualified, female boss of a removals company in the North of England, Val is quite unique, and certainly knows what she is talking about!

When asked about her hands on involvement in the company, Val says that this is her way of understanding the needs of our customers.  It is really important to us at Evans International that we not only look after our customers possessions, but that we also look after them as people and take care of their needs during this stressful time.  This is especially important on moving day when that extra dose of TLC is always welcome.

During our initial visit, we call it the “pre-move survey”, we will assess what needs to be done, the mechanics of what has to be moved, and any challenges we may face in doing that.  We also like to take the time to get to know our clients so that we can make sure that their needs are met during the removal process, and if they need that extra little bit of TLC in whatever shape or form that may take.