European Removals

As more and more people buy holiday homes in idyllic destinations, or permanently relocate abroad, the need for an experienced international removal company is ever more important.

European Removals to Spain
Working with a removal company who will advise on the legalities of international relocation, the most cost efficient transport routes, what can and cannot be taken and how long the passage will take, is vital to the process and these are all standard services offered by Evans International.

In addition to physically moving you and your possessions to Europe, we also advise on the customs detail which must be satisfied in order to make your relocation progress without incident.  We also provide extended insurance products as required to enable you to relax and look forward to a new start in a new country.  You can be sure all aspects of documentation, preparation, packing, storage, shipping and air freight, are fulfilled and progressed to match the timescales to which you are working.

Our experience in operating all over Europe now spans seven years and completed relocations include destinations in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Slovakia.  We have both driven to Venice, packed a barge and sailed up The Grand Canal loaded with furniture and packages, and delivered a furniture to Sweden in the snow.

European Removals to Sweden