Commercial Removals

When your company is changing size and you need to move, we work with you to minimize the disruption of the move and return your office to normal operation as fast as possible.

Commercial Office Moves
In addition to providing crates, packaging material and moving equipment we also work with your internal relocation team to make sure nothing is misplaced, and everyone is back to work surrounded by the things they need. This is done using our well rehearsed numbered location system.

The Evans process involves:

  • Initial meeting and written quotation which if accepted will be allocated a Move Manager who will work with you throughout the project.
  • The Manager will attend all meetings to discuss the move planning and coordination, manpower involved, special items, plus any archiving and disposal required (which reduce future costs).
  • Our specialized office move team works with your guidelines for dismantling, packing, transport and re-assembly, usually alongside your IT team.
  • We can also provide relocations on weekends and evenings, plus overnight in city centers if required.

Moving offices locally or nationally takes the same level of planning to ensure all is well on the day.  We are happy to work with you regularly if you need us to become your relocation department.

Call us on 01765 640882 to discuss how we can help you.